The Benefits of Self-Cleaning Chimneys

A self-cleaning chimney is a device that uses an automatic blower to draw hot gases from the kitchen stove. It utilizes the principle of centrifugal force to draw in the hot gases along with the cooking oil particles. In simpler terms, this type of hood when installed does not require much cleaning, as it comes with an automatic cleaning function. On the other hand, manual cleaning kitchen chimneys are known to cost less due to their limited efficiency and even increase regular maintenance costs. The automatic cleaning option saves time, is more reliable, and will last longer with less maintenance.

This doesn't mean there's no maintenance, but compared to a manual kitchen chimney, an automatic cleaning one is less laborious and better in the long run. A chimney sweep can help you remove sticky creosote deposits that deposit on chimney walls. They are impregnated with special chemicals that react with creosote deposits by breaking them into small fragments. In the end, the debris will burn to ashes and crumble in the chimney. We already know that a self-cleaning chimney has self-cleaning characteristics, similar to those of a countertop refrigerator, so it can be cleaned and maintained carefully, allowing it to deliver high performance, over a longer period of time.

Self-cleaning chimney equipped with non-stick aluminum turbine blower through which cooking fumes pass. This prevents grease from blocking the interior sections of the chimney and keeps the air around the kitchen clean. If you decide to take care of this task on your own, there are many chimney cleaning kits you can buy. In automatic cleaning, oil gets stuck in the fan and housing, which once cleaned is collected in the oil cup. The range includes Island, Straight Line, Split, Auto clean hoods and designer chimneys to suit every kitchen and customer requirement.

In case you use Chimney in recirculation mode, you must use carbon filters, these cannot be cleaned and should be replaced every 3-4 months depending on use. Therefore, if you have a chimney, it is recommended that a chimney cleaning service inspect it at least once a year to avoid such situations. You may not notice it, but a manual cleaning chimney continues to get dirty as a result of a lack of certain features and oil that builds up in filters and other chimney elements. The automatic cleaning chimney comes with advanced technological advances, which has an oil sump to collect oil particles from smoke and fumes. Another common practice is to hire a chimney cleaning service and let it handle this problem for you.

With the already excellent oil sump feature, this chimney also comes equipped with a button for automatic cleaning. In conclusion, self-cleaning chimneys are more efficient than manual ones due to their advanced technology and features. They save time and money in the long run by requiring less maintenance and providing better performance over time. Additionally, they come with an oil sump that collects oil particles from smoke and fumes as well as an automatic cleaning button for easy maintenance.