How much does it cost to clean a wood burning fireplace?

While it is possible to clean the chimney yourself, it is not a task that many homeowners have the ability or desire to undertake. Most chimney cleaning kits consist of rods to which are attached trimmed brushes at one end and a drill at the other to turn the rod. Most importantly, a clean fireplace is aesthetically appealing; everyone wants a clean home, in all areas, including the fireplace. Spring, summer, and early fall tend to offer better weather for cleaning a chimney, making it a safer proposal for the chimney sweep.

Fireplaces cannot have chimneys, one or more chimneys, which are the most decorative and the most expensive to clean and maintain. It is recommended to clean the chimney to maximize efficiency and detect potential problems, such as cracks and holes, which can then cause household fires. The chimney should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year or twice if you use the chimney frequently. You can buy some DIY chimney sweeping tools so you can perform this task yourself and save on your chimney sweep costs.

Chimney cleaning logs are never a substitute for professional cleaning and tend to cause fires rather than prevent them. However, it's important to keep your chimney clean and in good condition, especially if you use it regularly to avoid accidents. Since there is no soot to clean or logs to dispose of, most professionals recommend cleaning them annually or every two years. A chimney sweep will see if the flashing is damaged during a routine cleaning or inspection and can repair it, but there is likely to be an additional fee.

While not the most glamorous task, cleaning the fireplace is vitally important to the safety of your home. Level 1 chimney inspection is the most common and is usually included free of charge as part of your cleaning or repair service. The price is lower for cleaning furnace chimneys because the work is less intensive due to the lack of creosote. Even though you can try to do it yourself, it would be best to hire a professional chimney cleaner for a complete chimney sweep.

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