How do you clean a greased chimney filter?

Fill a plastic bucket with hot water and immerse the filters in it. Allow it to stand for approximately 2 hours. Take out the filters and rub them with a soft scouring pad until all the grease runs out. Wash with fresh water and air dry.

Here we have mentioned some simple steps that anyone can follow to clean their filters without problems. Cover the sink drain and fill it with steaming hot water. Pour in a few drops of the dishwashing liquid and immerse the dishes in the sink. After an hour or two, empty the sink, take them out and rinse them.

You'll see that the grease comes off easily. To clean the chimney first remove the filters and then take a metal tub and fill it with the boiling water, pour 3 tablespoons of washing powder and bring the water back to a boil. You can use some products found in your kitchen to clean chimneys, such as caustic soda, vinegar, dishwashing liquid, salt, and more. Many cleaning experts recommend the do-it-yourself route using vinegar, baking soda, and other cleaning products that are usually available at home.

In addition to the filter and external surfaces, a kitchen chimney has parts such as blower, motor, ducts, etc., that need to be cleaned. We recommend cleaning the chimney filter with the above steps once a month to avoid any problems and keep it in good condition. Share this method of cleaning chimneys at home on the social networks mentioned below with your friends and loved ones. Degreaser sprays are made to clean stubborn dirt and grease from ovens, fireplaces and other surfaces.

For a quick kitchen clean, dip a paper towel or tissue into the vinegar solution and simply wipe the surfaces clean. If you fry food almost daily, clean the chimney professionally at least once a year. Clean the chimney filter during the day and replace it before dark, as the exhaust pipe is a great way for mosquitoes to enter the house.

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