Is chimney cleaning an essential service?

Fireplace service is an “essential business,” which means we will continue chimney and fireplace service in and around Kansas City. For more information on other businesses that are considered essential and that may remain open, see the Local Health Officer's Emergency Public Health Order. Chimney cleaning, also known as chimney cleaning, is an essential service to ensuring home safety in Lawrenceville and Lawrence Township NJ. Every year, thousands of household fires occur with the first use of the fireplace in the house during the season.

Fires are usually caused by dirty chimneys. In most cases, if the basic chimney sweeping service had been attended to, the fire in the home would have been prevented. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, Chimney Sweeps, Inc. Regular chimney cleaning services are essential if you burn wood in your fireplace. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, don't usually cause dirty chimneys.

No matter what type of fuel is used in your heating appliance, chimney inspections are required annually. Creosote is what makes chimney cleaning always necessary for anyone with a wood heater. Even if you don't use the chimney much, you should inspect it, since animals can build nests in the chimney and block the smoke outlet. Most homeowners wait until fall or winter, when they use their chimney regularly to clean it.

When you want a first-class chimney sweep in Lawrenceville and Lawrence Township NJ, Mercer County Chimney Services is the place to call. Pro-tech is the chimney sweep that can clean, repair and service your chimney and make sure it works properly. The best way to protect your fireplace and home is to trim or prune branches that are too close to your home or that hang over the roof or fireplace. A professional chimney sweep should also know building codes, be able to recognize any deterioration or ventilation problem, and be able to advise you on any problem and condition of your chimney.

With Decon7 hygienic spray and mist, industrial cleaners that have been used extensively to help protect against the spread of coronavirus, chimney sweeps regularly clean all of your surfaces in your office, trucks and tools. If a homeowner is considering more than one in-home service, such as chimney cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, it may make sense to schedule both services from one company. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that chimneys be inspected at least once a year and cleaned as needed. While do-it-yourself chimney cleaning is always an option, it can be risky for homeowners to take matters into their own hands.

If homeowners notice a buildup of soot or a strong smell when burning fire, they should also contact a chimney cleaning service. Mechanical chimney sweeping not only removes creosote layers from the chimney surface, but also removes loose soot and creosote resulting from the fireplace, fireplace or wood stove.

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